Hügli – Food for individual needs

Culinary expertise to us means competence, passion, and taking pleasure in continued innovation.

Creative working is the basis for innovation. From development to marketing: it is our aim to constantly create new, extraordinary and successful products and concepts.

Our lean company structure allows us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests.

Business principles of the Hügli Group

Action not just words

The company's family atmosphere provides our employees with security and the opportunity to show initiative and personally develop. All part and parcel of our trainee development initiatives, active suggestions management and health promotion programmes. Employees who have been with us for decades are no rarity.

We are mindful of designing our production processes in a way that is as sustainable as possible in order to preserve the environment. This includes carefully selecting raw materials as well as technological innovation. Our photovoltaic systems, for example, are providing us with our own solar energy, which allows us to save 130,000 kilograms of CO2 annually.

Code of conduct

Based on the mission statement, the company code of conduct establishes the ground rules for successful cooperation with investors, business partners and employees and contains a list of possible infringements by employees that could have serious consequences for the employee concerned as well as Hügli.

The Hügli mission statement encompasses the principles, standards and values that substantiate our corporate culture. These specifically include performance, customer service, the personal responsibility of our innovative employees, integrity, trust, respect and sustainability.

Hügli employees practice these commitments in the course of their daily work and consequently form the basis for Hügli's excellent reputation – one of the company's most valuable assets.


At Hügli, our various business areas (divisions) are differentiated according to the individual needs of our customers. Our Food Service division covers the out-of-home market, while food retailing, brand owners and food producers fall within the remit of Customer Solutions.

The Food Industry division is the contact partner for groups and companies within the food industry, with Consumer Brands dealing with our Hügli brands for end consumers.


Hügli operates across Europe with nine production facilities and five distribution companies in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Our Hügli brands

In the Food Service and Consumer Brands divisions, we offer our high-quality and sophisticated culinary product range in the form of our own Hügli brands. Hügli, Supro and Vogeley products are part of our selection for customers in the catering industry.

Consumer Brands division labels such as Eden, granoVita, Heirler, Cenovis, Neuco, Erntesegen and Natur Compagnie can be purchased by end consumers in health food and whole food stores as well as in some retail food stores; tellofix and OSCHO are also available in our webshop.

Food Service


Consumer Brands

Natur Compagnie