Working for Hügli - your knowledge can help vision become reality

You really want to get your career started with a modern employer? You are looking for new challenges and prospects? You have achieved a lot already but want more? Because you know: You can do more and want to showcase your abilities. Do you have big plans? Then we are a good match. Trendsetting projects, complex tasks and new challenges await you. There are many opportunities to make your experience count.

Our teams are always looking for somebody like you: innovative, goal-oriented and full of ideas.

Use your talent and experience to get your dream job. Interesting tasks are available in a friendly working environment with many opportunities for continued development with the support of a successful international business.


What do we want to achieve when we fill a vacancy?
  • Our motto is: as fast as possible, as long as necessary
  • Every applicant is important to us
  • We want to select the right applicant and invite him or her to an interview
What steps does the application process have?
  • Advertisement internally, on our homepage and in external print media and/or online portals
  • Collection of applications after publication
  • Review of documents (at the personnel department and the respective department)
  • Decision for rejection, extension of the search or invitation to an interview
  • Initial interviews held
  • We usually conduct two interviews to gain an objective impression
  • Decision who to employ
  • Handling of the contract details and signing of contracts
Invitation to promising applicants
  • Invitation to an interview
  • Appointment agreed by phone or in writing
  • Specification of the date, place and participants
  • Response from applicants mandatory
  • Assumption of travel expenses (by prior agreement)
How confidential is my application?
  • We of course take data protection very seriously
  • Applications are treated with absolute confidentiality
  • Written application documents returned
  • Temporary storage of applicants' details and application documents (only for assessment purposes)

Application materials


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That is especially true for your application, because you need to provide us with a snapshot of your qualifications, interests and your personality.

Make sure that your application is complete

Covering letter
  • Why are you applying to this job?
  • Why is Hügli the right employer (or partner for your apprenticeship) for you?
  • Why are you a particularly good fit for this position?
  • Table-format with photo
  • Personal information such as your address, nationality, ...
  • Personal, academic and employment history
  • Placements
  • Special skills and abilities
  • Other activities
  • Hobbies or personal interests
  • Copies of your last two school reports
  • Placement certificates
  • Certificates of employment
  • Certificates

Spark interest in yourself

  • In the covering letter, get people to want to find out more about you.
  • Tell us why hiring you would add value to the company.
  • Provide us with something to talk about in a job interview.

Be sure to be accurate

  • Check content for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Make sure any texts are well structured and well written. Use correct punctuation and layouts in written correspondence (e.g. paragraphs, spacing, font sizes).
  • Observe all common rules of written correspondence (e.g. paragraphs, spacing, font sizes).
  • When applying by email, only include attachments that can be opened with any standard computer.
  • You should convert all Word files to PDF documents with a size not exceeding 4 MB. If possible, use only one PDF file. When applying by mail, do not use a three-part application folder

Job interview


Your application was interesting:
Now we want to get to know you in person and find out more about you! Your personal history and the reasons why you are applying. The job interview gives you the chance to learn more about our company and the job you are interested in.

1. Seize your opportunity

Look to make a good first impression during the interview and to show us that your experience and personality make you the right person for the job.

We will answer your questions, e.g. those about the company, your prospects or any other topics that are of interest to you.

2. Being well prepared will give you confidence

You should be ready to answer questions about...

  • Your CV (especially parts of it that may require some explanation).
  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The reasons for your application.

Get to know Hügli well so that you can answer possible questions about us. Think about what you want to ask us.

3. Your appearance, manner and enthusiasm will be important

You applied for a particular job in our company. Your manner and enthusiasm in the interview and your personality will help us to decide if you are the right fit for the role.

Your general appearance in terms of your clothes and shoes as well as jewellery and make-up are part of the interview process.

Take plenty of time to prepare for the interview. The following suggestions should be of help.

4. The job interview process

A job interview generally proceeds as follows:

  • Greeting and introduction
  • Your presentation as the applicant (max. 5 minutes)
  • Questions about your professional and personal qualifications
  • Your questions for us towards the end of the job interview.
  • Depending on the position that is to be filled, an all day interview is possible. It consists of various exercises that allow us to get a more comprehensive picture of you. Together with other applicants, you will be observed and evaluated by company representatives during these exercises.
5. How to score points in a job interview

It is normal that you will be feeling a little bit nervous. Your interviewers know this and will take it into consideration.

  • It is important that you are open and honest.
  • Speak calmly and clearly
  • Avoid exaggerated gestures.
  • Maintain eye contact with whomever you are speaking to.
  • Sit in a manner that is relaxed but not too casual.
6. End of the job interview

At the end of the job interview, you will get the chance to ask us about anything you want to know. We will ask you for your feedback on the interview. Then we will coordinate the next steps and say goodbye.

We're always available for your questions.

Good luck for your job interview!

Your contact person


Thomas Kofler
Phone +43 5574 694 - 0

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